Code of Conduct


All executives, managers, directors, supervisors, employees, contractors, volunteers, and others are informed of this Code of Conduct and sign an Affirmation Statement indicating their adherence to the Code of Conduct. However, this Code of Conduct does not replace sound ethical and professional judgment.


A Code of Conduct is a guideline or a road map for all employees to follow while in the workplace.
Ethical conduct simply means, DOING THE RIGHT THING!


All PCMS employees and its affiliated professionals, while carrying out their daily jobs and duties, will follow the following standards:


  1. PCMS employees and affiliates will obey and follow all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.
  2. PCMS and its employees will maintain high standards of business and ethical conduct by following the applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations including fraud, waste, and abuse.
  3. The failure of any PCMS employee to comply with or report non-compliance with any or all programs requirements and PCMS policies will result in an immediate investigation and may include disciplinary action up to and including termination.


A conflict of interest may occur if you are outside activities or personal interests influence or appear to influence your ability to make objective decisions in the course of your job responsibilities. A conflict of interest may also exist if the demands of any outside activities hinder or distract you from the performance of your job or cause you to use PCMS resources for other than PCMS purposes. It is your obligation to ensure that you remain free of conflicts of interest in the performance of your responsibilities at PCMS. If you have any questions about whether an outside activity might constitute a conflict of interest, you must obtain the approval of your supervisor before pursuing the activity.


PCMS is committed to providing the highest quality of janitorial services delivering these services in an ethical, professional, and cost-effective manner.


  1. PCMS treats all customers with dignity and respect.
  2. PCMS gives each customer a 100% effort to clean their facility.
  3. PCMS will respect and treat customer’s property and facility with the utmost care.


PCMS is committed to protecting our assets and the property of customers and employees against loss, theft, and misuse.


  1. PCMS is committed to providing an environment that protects and supports all employees, as well as helping them to achieve their fullest potential fairly and equitably.
  2. Employees are directed and encouraged to follow the Chain of Command with all HR issues. If the employee does not feel comfortable with following the PCMS Chain of Command, they may speak directly with the Director of Human Resources.


  1. Deal openly and honestly with fellow employees, customers, contractors, government entities, and others.
  2. Preserve customer and company confidentiality unless there is written permission to divulge information, except as required by law.
  3. Hold vendors to the same Code of Conduct as part of their dealings with PCMS.
  4. Use the Chain of Command to notify the appropriate supervisors, managers, directors, or administration of any human resources concerns.
  5. Use supplies and services in a manner that avoids waste.
  6. Protect and retain records and documents as required by professional standards, governmental regulations, and organizational policies.


PCMS is committed to the highest ethical standards in its business and operational practices. PCMS is committed to full compliance with all Federal and State laws, regulations, and programs.

All PCMS employees have a duty to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects the highest ethical standards and are required to follow all compliance policies, procedures, and the Code of Conduct. Suspected violations of the Code of Conduct or policies relating to Compliance shall be addressed immediately. Failure to comply or report non-compliance with all Federal and customer program requirements and PCMS’s policies will result in appropriate disciplinary action as stated in this Code of Conduct and/or the PCMS Disciplinary Policy (Administrative Policies).


PCMS has established a Confidential Disclosure Program which allows reporting of any issues or questions associated with PCMS employees, customers, practices, or procedures with respect to all PCMS and Customer Policies, believed by the individual to be a potential violation of criminal, civil, or administrative law. PCMS is committed to maintaining confidentiality, as appropriate with all employees, and non-retaliation with respect to disclosures.

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