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Professional Cleaning & Maintenance Services, LLC (PCMS) provides cleaning services for health care facilities, schools, commercial office buildings, oil and gas-related facilities, fitness facilities, and aviation industries. PCMS can provide skilled labor, managers, and supervisors that will have the ability to clean in many different types of environments. PCMS also offers consulting services for facility maintenance, lawn maintenance, residential cleaning, and pressure washing services. At PCMS we know that the quality of service your facility receives is for the most part determined by the motivation of the personnel on the job site. This is why we operate through a Top Quality Management (TQM) system. PCMS has established a professional cleaning service that has a team of cleaning professionals that operates as a team.

Our employees are a well-qualified professional workforce that is dedicated to providing top-quality service. All employees share one common goal, and that is to provide each customer with a clean facility. Our organization is built on customer service. PCMS has developed a unique cleaning concept that is tailored to meet the needs of each customer. Our employees at PCMS are backed by a strategically organized support system that facilitates the needs of each employee that is cleaning each facility. Backing our facility managers and team members, and their efforts, the support staff will ensure that our high cleaning standards are maintained. We make sure that our employees have the training, equipment, technical efficiency, and most importantly, the customer service necessary to provide your company with on-going quality janitorial services.

At PCMS, consistent service is accomplished through a well-developed communication program consisting of an array of surveys and communication tools. PCMS can expedite the cleaning services that your facility needs. PCMS offers an array of services, there is no job too big or too small. PCMS can also offer cleaning services in any industry; our management team has over 60 years of combined management experience. PCMS is a State of Louisiana Licensed Contractor, our Louisiana State license number is 53519. PCMS can provide cleaning and maintenance services throughout Louisiana and Texas.

PCMS Shared Vision
Every employee at PCMS is implanted with the idea that every part of his or her employment at PCMS should be an execution of Excellency. Ideas that increase execution are encouraged at PCMS. Although, execution of excellence is sometimes viewed by employees as pretentious words that only sound good, execution of excellence is a shared vision and the measuring stick used by every manager including the owner to evaluate everything that is undertaken at or by PCMS.

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